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29 Apr 2014

“Stop Eating Polenta!!!”

It has been a very long, cold and snowy winter here in the Great White North. It’s now the last week of April and still the sun hasn’t made much of an appearance. The cold has kept most folks inside, hibernating – myself included. It’s the kind of weather that makes you crave warm, comforting foods, and for me – that is polenta my friends. I’ve consumed bowl after bowl all winter long while staring out my window at the endlessly falling snow. […]

06 Jul 2013

Leftovers Soup

Last night I made a big meal for the family, a slow roasted prime rib of beef with all the fixings, including mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. A bit ambitious for a weeknight but well received. Whenever we have this type of meal I inevitably have something leftover, and it’s often an odd assortment of veggies.  I’m terrible at predicting how much my kids will actually consume. Either there is a fist fight over the last piece of […]

27 Feb 2013

“The Skiny” on Valentine’s Day

Someone recently asked me where I come up with the ideas for the recipes I develop.  It’s a great question, but my answer, “it depends…”   didn’t really tell the whole story. While inspiration can come from anywhere, my natural curiosity is generally what drives a recipe. It inspires me to tweak my techniques, to combine new flavours, and hopefully, to achieve a better result. Recently I had the opportunity to work on a Valentine’s recipe for theskiny.com – a fantastic […]

21 Oct 2012

‘Burbs Bocce with Tiramisu

We moved to the ‘burbs when my kids were little. We lucked out and have some fantastic neighbours on our tree lined streets. The moms on our street refer to it jokingly as Wisteria Lane. All the kids roam back and forth between the houses. We tend to do a lot of things together, including dinners, BBQ’s and this past winter even a ski trip with 5 families occupying 2 ski chalets. Our latest adventure was a Bocce tournament in […]

18 Oct 2012

BBQ that Apple Pie

I have been without an oven for several weeks now. Seven to be exact. It died 15 minutes into the cooking a supper of stuffed shells. I’ve had 3 repairmen in to look at it. I’m currently waiting for a part that will hopefully fix the problem once and for all. Or perhaps there will be a slightly used wall oven sitting out on my front lawn with a post it note reading “free”. Meanwhile… I’ve had to get creative […]