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27 Feb 2013

“The Skiny” on Valentine’s Day

Someone recently asked me where I come up with the ideas for the recipes I develop.  It’s a great question, but my answer, “it depends…”   didn’t really tell the whole story. While inspiration can come from anywhere, my natural curiosity is generally what drives a recipe. It inspires me to tweak my techniques, to combine new flavours, and hopefully, to achieve a better result. Recently I had the opportunity to work on a Valentine’s recipe for theskiny.com – a fantastic […]

15 Dec 2011

The Holiday Clementine

We love to entertain, especially around the holidays.  Whenever we get invited to a party I make homemade eggnog to bring as a hostess gift.  It’s very tasty but not so great for the waistline.  This past Christmas I wanted to make something a bit lighter for the gang of people coming over for some Christmas cheer.  Looking around my kitchen I spied a bowl of clementines that I had planned to use as a centre piece.  I dumped the […]