Mommy Style

18 Oct 2012

BBQ that Apple Pie

I have been without an oven for several weeks now. Seven to be exact. It died 15 minutes into the cooking a supper of stuffed shells. I’ve had 3 repairmen in to look at it. I’m currently waiting for a part that will hopefully fix the problem once and for all. Or perhaps there will be a slightly used wall oven sitting out on my front lawn with a post it note reading “free”. Meanwhile… I’ve had to get creative […]

08 Oct 2012

So Many Blueberries… So Little Time

In an effort to enlighten our kids about where their food comes from my husband decided to make an impromptu stop a local blueberry farm on the way to our cottage last weekend.  We had been sitting in traffic for 2 hours and frankly I was cranky and tired, but my kid’s enthusiasm and cries of “come on Mom it will be fun” won me over.  We trudged through the damp rows between the blueberry bushes and filled four 4 […]

02 Oct 2012

Inspired Rapini and Sausage Pasta

Today I came home after a long day on set to find my neighbours setting up a large meat grinder in their driveway.  I know that sounds strange but here is a little background on my neighbours: they have what I can only describe as an urban farm in their yard.  They grow all kinds of herbs and veggies including tomatoes, cabbage, kale, beans and pumpkins.  They even keep several chickens.  We trade a lot of food back and forth, […]

15 Dec 2011

The Holiday Clementine

We love to entertain, especially around the holidays.  Whenever we get invited to a party I make homemade eggnog to bring as a hostess gift.  It’s very tasty but not so great for the waistline.  This past Christmas I wanted to make something a bit lighter for the gang of people coming over for some Christmas cheer.  Looking around my kitchen I spied a bowl of clementines that I had planned to use as a centre piece.  I dumped the […]