• Turkey Bacon Sandwich

    Turkey Bacon Sandwich

    Eat Clean Cookbook for Men by Tosca Reno

  • Beet Salad

    Beet Salad

    Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Cookbook

  • Pesto Mussels

    Pesto Mussels

    PEI Mussels King

  • Pad Thai

    Pad Thai

    Your Best Body Now

  • NYC Bagel Breakfast

    NYC Bagel Breakfast

    The Eat Clean Diet for Men

  • Sticky Buns

    Sticky Buns

    Classic Comfort Foods

  • Mocktails


    Clean Eating Magazine

  • Vanilla Bean Spiked Autumn Apple Pie

    Vanilla Bean Spiked Autumn Apple Pie

    Clean Eating Magazine

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Tuna Burgers - Photography by Donna Griffith
Food Styling

As with any successful project, I believe that food styling begins with thorough preparation. I take great pride in knowing

Clafoutis - Photography by Yvonne Duivenvoorden
Recipe Development

My passion for experimenting with food stems in part from growing up in Toronto. With it’s diverse cultural

Screen Shot from Video
Film + Commercials

Whether highlighting a new food product for a television commercial or styling a dinner scene for a movie, film presents